Senator Kelley is working for the constituents of District 10 in Baltimore County. For the 2019 legislative session, Senator Kelley was the primary sponsor of 21 Bills and the co-sponsor of 58 Bills.

Constituent Communications

The 2018 Session of the Maryland General Assembly ended at midnight on Monday, April 9th. Thanks to everyone who contacted our office with questions and/or with advice regarding any of the 3,101 Bills introduced this year. It is often very helpful to get your perspective on these very important issues. For those of you who would like to find out more information about my Bills or any other Bills, you can visit the Maryland Assembly website,, and use the search option under the "legislation by Session" tab. You will be able to search by sponsor (Legislator, department, or board/commision), broad subject, narrow subject, and committee.


All year, our office responds to constituents in need of information or services from various state agengies. We also assist constituents who have tried unsuccessfully to get through the "red tape" with state agencies. We make referrals to Maryland's congressional representatives for constituents who need assistance from federal agencies and we make referrals to local representatives for those constituents who need help or services from Baltimore County.

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