Senator Kelley is working for the constituents of District 10 in Baltimore County. For the 2018 legislative session, Senator Kelley is a primary sponsor of 28 bills and co-sponsors of 81 bills. Here are a few of these bills with their synopsis and links to the bills. Visit the General Assembly of Maryland to learn more about the session legislation she is sponsoring and co-sponsoring.


Senator Kelley’s Sponsored Bills

Foreclosed Property Registry - Updated Information - Notice to Local Governments - SB0222 (Real Property)

Requiring the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation to establish procedures that require a foreclosure purchaser to submit to the Foreclosed Property Registry any change to certain information within 21 days after the change is known to the purchaser; and requiring the Department to notify, by electronic means, on receipt of an initial registration or any change to certain information, authorized users from the county and the municipal corporation in which the property is located.

Inmates - Life Imprisonment - Parole Reform - SB0249 (Criminal Law - Procedure)

Repealing certain provisions that provide that inmates serving a term of life imprisonment may be paroled only with the Governor's approval, subject to certain provisions; requiring certain parole decisions to be transmitted to the Governor under certain circumstances; authorizing the Governor to disapprove certain parole decisions in a certain manner; providing that if the Governor does not disapprove a certain parole decision in a certain manner within a certain time period, the decision becomes effective; etc.

Insurance – Contraceptive Coverage – Consumer Information - SB0744 (Finance)

Requiring a certain entity that provides certain coverage for certain contraceptive drugs and devices under certain health insurance policies or contracts to develop a contraceptive coverage information document for certain plans; requiring that the contraceptive coverage document include certain information; and requiring a certain entity to make the contraceptive coverage information document available to certain consumers on certain websites and as part of certain information filed with the Maryland Insurance Commissioner.

Unenforceability of Certain Provisions - SB0258
(Condominiums – Claims Against Developers and Vendors)

Making unenforceable certain provisions of certain condominium governing documents and other documents relating to asserting certain claims against a developer or vendor; applying the Act prospectively; etc.

Disclosure of Identifying Information and Investigations - SB0490 (Child Abuse and Neglect)

Requiring a court to provide the Secretary of Health with identifying information regarding an individual who has been convicted under certain provisions of law of the murder, attempted murder, or manslaughter of a child; requiring the Department of Human Services, in coordination with the Vital Statistics Administration, to contract with an independent organization to develop a data collection process in order to assess the effectiveness of certain required record sharing in predicting and preventing child abuse and neglect; etc.

Information on Energy-Efficient Options - SB0648 (Real Property - New Home Sales)

Requiring, for a development with 11 or more homes to be built by the same builder, a home builder to provide a purchaser with written information on energy-efficient options, including a statement that tax credits may be available related to the energy-efficient options, available for installation in a new home; and requiring a contract for the initial sale of a new home to contain a certain acknowledgment that the purchaser was provided with certain information about energy-efficient options for the home.