Our application period for the 2019-2020 school year ended on April 12th. Please visit my website in January 2020 for application information for our 2020-2019 school year.


Academic Readiness


Our Scholarship Committee evaluates various indicators of an applicant’s likelihood of success in higher education.


For high school seniors and for college students with fewer than 24 college credits, the Committee reviews the following:
                                                                        Relative Weight

  1. Student essay                                                             40%
  2. Solid or greatly improved grades                                30%
  3. SAT/ACT scores                                                          30%

For other applicants, including graduate and professional students, the committee reviews the following:
                                                                         Relative Weight

  1. Student essay                                                              40%
  2. Solid or improved post-secondary grades                  30%
  3. Supervised work experience relevant to major
    (per reference letters, transcripts, or student essay)    30%


Financial Need

The Scholarship Committee reviews the federal SAR (Student Aid Report) to evaluate the relative degree of financial need of those applicants who demonstrate significant academic readiness for success.